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25G CWDM4 DFB Chip

The products CLD-DExx are directly modulated 25Gbps CWDM 1271X/1291X/1311X/1331X edge-emitting DFB laser diode chips with operating temperature range from 25°C up to 60°C. The design is a Ridge Waveguide on n-type substrate with multi-quantum well (MQW) active layers and gratings. These chips utilize a high-speed laser design, and ID codes on the top surface of each chip for traceability. All the laser chips come from the certified wafers that must meet an acceptable yield after burn-in, aging tests, and each shipped laser chip is fully screened.

  • CWDM 1271X/1291X/1311X/1331X wavelength

    Ridge waveguide edge emitting laser(EEL)

    Cooled operation

    RoHS compliant

    Compliant with Telcordia GR-468

  • Data Center LR4

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